5 Things To Ask Julie Fox About Snoring


Political life can be so hectic and demanding – endless team meetings, cabinet meetings, campaign gatherings, events invitations, drafting resolutions and meeting the local people, as well as working with PR companies.

5 Things To Ask Julie Fox About Snoring

So what are one of the problems a political life would come to face? We would like to point out the health issue called snoring. But one might wonder, why snoring?

Snoring can be really a silent health issue with living a very occupied life in relation to health issues. The constant little sleep, plus the unavoidable encounters of having to eat pastries, processed food, restaurant meals specially breakfast meetings – all these can take its toll in the long run. But why?

Gluten in meals and additives and preservatives – there is only so much our body’s digestive system can cope with. If your body is already taxed with toxins and chemicals, then eating bad food can really give out signs and symptoms.

Top 3 questions to ask Julie Fox about snoring

Do you suffer from snoring?

Do you think snoring comes as a result of politicians living a very demanding work life?

Are politicians brave enough to admit that they snore?

How will you address the health issue of snoring?

Would you re-think your political responsibilities so snoring can be minimized?

Julie Fox is the perfect person to ask about snoring in relation to political parties and life as a busy political person…..